In addition to decorative stains, as of September 2011, we also offer special purpose fire retardant wood stains.


In addition to providing a decorative finish, the Series-F FIRE RETARDANT WOOD STAIN has fire-retardant qualities. Also, the fire retardant stain helps protect wood from pests and moisture. In a domestic environment, the fire retardant wood stain can be applied with a brush, roll or lint-free rag. In industrial use, the product can be applied by spraying or flow coating. In order to achieve the flame-retardant qualities and the proper tone, the fire retardant wood stain must be applied three times, with 40 to 60 minute intervals between each coating, to previously untreated wood. After letting it sit for three days, the treated surface can be finished with a lacquer. The stain gets its flame-resistant properties from nontoxic and odourless iron compounds that are dissolved in water. The fire retardant wood stain is designed for indoor use.